Children depend on adults for holistic care to enable them to thrive.
To grow and remain healthy children need: light, warmth, fresh air, water, food, protection from injury and infection.
Fulfilment comes as children: learn to be independent, are successful with new skills, understand their world, create beautiful things and are valued for their uniqueness.
Children need to be rooted in affectionate acceptance.
Feeling secure in trusting relationships helps them cope with change and separation.
From their early relationships children learn to interact with other people, to share and take turns, to listen and talk, and to value their culture and life in society.

Childcare includes patience, loving acceptance, encouragement and enjoyment of each child's uniqueness. Being observant and learning about the child's talents and preferences can enable adults to nurture the child in the most effective way.
This web site is designed for anyone who wants to learn about child development and the fun of observing children.

There are 3 main areas:
  • Observing Child Development
    showing different facets of physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.
  • Improving Observation Skills for Childcare Students
    recording and evaluating child development.
  • Development Profiles
    showing the sequence of child development according to accepted norms.

The authors hope you will enjoy this web site and most of all that you will be inspired to look at children and delight in their development.
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